Taxonomic Swap 108659 (Committed on 2022-04-05)

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Added by matthew_connors on April 06, 2022 04:12 | Committed by matthew_connors on April 05, 2022
replaced with


@matthew_connors - E. melanolopha was transferred to Mesoptila in 2012 by Mirinov & Galsworthy -
Please undo your taxon swap (or at least correct the now incorrect status) once the current freeze on taxon changes relents after City Nature Challenge

Posted by hkmoths 3 months ago (Flag)

This was based on comments by @kallies here - if you two reach an agreement I can happily change it back!

Posted by matthew_connors 3 months ago (Flag)

noted, thnks.
Have a word with Axel and show him the link, please.

Posted by hkmoths 3 months ago (Flag)

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