Taxonomic Swap 111823 (Committed on 2022-07-03)

Psathyrella delineata is a North American name, however North American sequences nest within European gossypina and are within the range of morphological variation of that species.


Wang, S. N., Hu, Y. P., Chen, J. L., Qi, L. L., Zeng, H., Ding, H., … & Yan, J. Q. (2021). First record of the rare genus Typhrasa (Psathyrellaceae, Agaricales) from China with description of two new species. MycoKeys, 79, 119.

Örstadius et al 2015: Molecular phylogenetics and taxonomy in Psathyrellaceae (Agaricales) with focus on psathyrelloid species: introduction of three new genera and 18 new species

Moreau, P. A., & Padovan, F. (2003). Due specie lignicole spesso confuse: Psathyrella chondroderma e P. gossypina. Boll. Gr. Micol. G. Bres, 46(2), 5-14.

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Its not difficult to support the claim that they are on different evolutionary trajectories and both names can be used independently....

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