Taxonomic Swap 127467 (Committed on 06-24-2023)

We reinstate Hypomenitis
to include the following
species (and their
subspecies and
synonyms as listed in
Lamas 2004), all rev.
stat.: H. alphesiboea
(Hewitson, 1869),
H. depauperata
(Boisduval, 1870),
H. dercetis (Doubleday,
1847), H. enigma
(Haensch, 1905), H. esula
(Hewitson, 1855),
H. gardneri (Weeks,
1901), H. hermana
(Haensch, 1903),
H. libethris (C. & R.
Felder, 1865), H. lojana
(Vitale & Bollino, 2001),
H. lydia (Weymer, 1899),
H. ochretis (Haensch,
1903), H. oneidodes (Kaye,
1918), H. ortygia
(Weymer, 1890),
H. polissena (Hewitson,
1863), H. theudelinda
(Hewitson, 1861)

Into the Andes: multiple independent ... (Citation)
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