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Azolla mexicana is a synonym of A. microphylla

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@choess can you take a look? Is World Ferns the new recommended authority for ferns?

@gcflora we're apparently using PPGI for ferns, not Plants of the World Online, but that only goes to genus.

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@bouteloua Thanks for the additional info regarding ferns. I'm reading through and now

Posted by craig-r about 1 year ago (Flag)

Generally I try to follow PPG I (aside from some areas like filmy ferns and Blechnaceae where I'm trying not to cause chaos in New Zealand), but World Plants/Ferns (Michael Hassler's site) does a pretty good job of keeping up with new changes in the literature since the publication of PPG I. He also goes down to species level, which PPG I doesn't, and uses a slightly modified version of his taxonomy, so it's usually a good guide to align by. There are definitely still some errors to be threshed out, and I periodically correspond with Michael to get them updated.

In this particular case, I remember that some typification issues have come to light in Azolla, where the commonly used circumscription of one name didn't actually correspond with the type material. Let me dig a bit and see what the current state of play is.

Posted by choess about 1 year ago (Flag)

OK, this looks sound--Reid et al. 2006 established that these two taxa were conspecific, and microphylla is the senior epithet. Looks like Pereira might describe a new species or two one of these days, but all the morphological characters are microscopic. Most of our observations should be capped at genus level, frankly.

Posted by choess about 1 year ago (Flag)

Thanks @choess

Posted by craig-r about 1 year ago (Flag)

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