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Yes, no ambiguity in this sense (f. caerulea --> L. loeflingii). And it was the main reason for what I insisted to deviate from POWO for many years considering the "blue form" independantly to the "red form" (L. arvensis s.s.).

Posted by abounabat 6 months ago

What I still don't fully understand in this study is the question of interfecundation between both. Is it truly possible? What is it, then? Hybridization?

Posted by fabienpiednoir 6 months ago

Thanks, I'll read up when I can - I see the blue and red forms widely in Antalya and to be honest the two forms rarely seem to mix their colour to form intermediates but I think they sometimes might do (not in any certain way) which if so may suggest something about the genetics of the colouring being additive rather than alternatives. I don't know about the matter closely though. But certainly happy to see it as a species.

Posted by meteorquake 6 months ago

I've put here an example of a red one changing colour, either influenced by the blue ones or the occasional pale ones (there are a certain number of near whitish ones around, I've never been quite sure what they are but I've generally noted them as var. pallida) -

Posted by meteorquake 6 months ago

Incidentally what should the white forms with purple ring at the centre go in as (sometimes a purply tinge to the white), not demonstrating any transition from red?
An example having the tinge would be this one but they're pretty white here in my photos -[IMG_8136].jpg
I'd originally have thought L. arvensis ?var. pallida

Posted by meteorquake 6 months ago

good question !

Posted by abounabat 6 months ago

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