Victor Fursov

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I am studying the taxonomy and biology of egg parasitoids (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea), mostly the family Trichogrammatidae. I am also interested in another parasitic and phytophagous chalcid wasps (Eurytomidae, Torymidae, Eulophidae, Pteromalidae, Aphelinidae, Agaonidae, etc.), and proctotrpoid wasps (Scelionidae).
I also studied a modern beekeeping technologies, and development of effective and productive beehives for honeybees.
You can watch > 1,000 my original Video (about insects: chalcid wasps, beetles, honeybees, mites, etc., animals + my lectures) on my YouTube Channel, named:
Dr Victor Fursov, Entomologits, Beekeeper, Teacher:

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