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I am interested in entomology. I enjoy making careful observations- watching who eats what or in the case of the assassins who eats whom. I also enjoy researching each insect that I add to my list to see what others have already learned. The world is a marvelous place with so much to see: recessive hot pink katydids, the jewel-like long-legged flies, the patient coreids and broad-headed bugs who pose for photos, the shield-backed bug Orsilochides guttata whose brightly patterned nymphs congregate together (herding for defense) on Croton capitatus, and the Southern Two-striped Walking Stick that sprays cyclopentenyl monoterpene dialdehyde as a defensive mechanism with a one-two week recharge time! With roughly 100,000 species of insects and spiders in North America, north of Mexico I'll never run out of new things to learn!
Also I have hung out with birders and participated in counts and I know a little about the native plants of Texas.
As of 2019, member of East Texas Master Naturalist Chapter.

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