Claudia Schipp

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Hi! I'm Claudia.

I'm an interested amateur with a smartphone (or occasionally the point-and-shoot I'm still getting to know), based in Canberra Australia. I'm always happy to be corrected and I have heaps to learn.

I am not great at IDing yet, so I like to make myself useful by annotating observations for sex, life stage etc. If I annotate an observation incorrectly, please tag me in a comment or message me! I don't get a notification if you put a thumbs-down against my annotation unfortunately. 

Projects I admin:

Great Southern Bioblitz 2021 - Canberra

Lepidoptera Life Cycles (Australia)

Oakey Hill Nature Reserve

My Years in Review:

2021 // 2020 // 2019 // 2018

My observations in need of identification:

All taxa // Insects // Arachnids // Vertebrates // Plants // Fungi

Projects I think are neat:

Found Feathers

Lepidoptera and their Parasites (Australia)

Hungry Parrots Project

Gang-gang Nests (Tree Hollows) Search

Never Home Alone: The Wild Life of Homes

Mozzie Monitors - Australia

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