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Ecology research assistant and wildlife photographer exploring Hong Kong's biodiversity. At the moment I am helping in a project looking into ant communities across a latitudinal gradient. In my spare time, I help to investigate local spider species identification, but I am also interested in insects, reptiles, amphibians, and birds. I'm still learning, so please do not inquire me about spider identification outside of Hong Kong or China as I am not familiar with species outside of the regions above and most of the time can only provide you with family-level identification at best. During my free time, I also participate in local environmental education programs to help promote Hong Kong's biodiversity and spider diversity to members of the public and secondary school students. I've also had the privilege to travel to several great locations for wildlife, including Myanmar, Madagascar, Borneo, Taiwan, and South Africa.

I apologize for my misleading username which is a reference to events that occurred during secondary school. I am not an expert in bee or wasp identification, so for those seeking me for help with such observations, I would like to apologize beforehand for not being able to provide much help.

If you're interested in my work in wildlife photography, feel free to check out:
My Instagram @that_bee_guy;
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