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November 05, 2022

Dragonfly/Damselfly Tips

This is a collection of tips that may help in identification in the future...

Citrine Forktail
Distinct yellowish shoulder stripe and lack of blue-green wash on lower side of thorax suggest to me that this is a female Citrine instead of Furtive. (tip provided by @m_shields )

Furtive Forktail
The narrowness of the middorsal thoracic stripe and the extent of orange on S9-10 indicate Furtive, although there is less orange on S3 than typical.

Note the bicolored stigma...

The orange females are immatures. This one is a mature female - no orange; instead, thorax is green on the side and dark brown on top, abdomen is blackish along entire top. (tips provided by @m_shields )

Needham's Skimmer
Actually, this is a female. Note the lack of secondary genitalia on the underside of S2-3 and the straight cerci. (tip provided by @m_shields )

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