Project Eden is 2 years running

In order to update and register project's actions, also here in Inaturalist I will spread the information!

Current stage of the Project: a bit of anarcho-primitivism, deep ecology, survivalism and the Information Age (scientific). A beginning of a libertarian ecologism and permaculture.

• Registration of local fauna and flora (taxonomy);
• Raising awareness on nature issues via filming of organisms;
• Sensitization of neighbors about the protection of the stream, forest, ecological balance and local organisms;
• Social awareness for do it yourself and don't buy more;
• Creation of infrastructure for personal camping;
• Generation of formal infrastructure such as a fence, gate and pest mowing (example: bamboo);
• Testing and prototyping of sustainable structures and applied scientific knowledge;
• Survey of utilities and knowledge relevant to the project on several fronts (database);
• Identification of climate, permanence conditions and local adversities;
• Learning general urban culinary techniques and the use of common inputs in the agricultural environment;
• Promotion of the channel.

Youtube channel:

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