Historically known in NZ as Phaeogyroporus portentosus. The genus Pheogyroporus is now generally considered to be a synonym of Phlebopus. Watling & Gregory considered Phlebopus marginatus and Phlebopus (Phaeogyroporus) portentosus to be synonyms, in which case the correct name would be the oldest available legitimate name, which is P. portentosus . P. portentosus was described from Sri Lanka and P. marginatus from Western Australia. It is clear from available sequences there are multiple species involved, although the sequences may not cover all taxa in each area. The New Zealand species is different to the Asian species and therefore is probably not P. portentosus. EU718109 (REH8883) is from Australia (NSW - and may represent P. marginatus. The Australian species is not the same as P. portentosus from Asia or the New Zealand species. Africa also has a different species. New Zealand material is most closely related to the Australian P. marginatus but there is sufficient difference in Australia/New Zealand sequences to consider them different species (92% similarity), and the NZ taxon needs a new name. The morphology needs checking to see if there are any detectable and stable differences, and if the Australian & Asian sequences really do represent P. marginatus and the Sri Lankan P. portentosus.

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