Lisa Kilgore

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I have lived in Tonopah, NV for 36 years and was always aware of it's beauty but never to what depth. I just recently have gained a greater interest in what Nevada has to offer. I am becoming more aware of the plants, wildlife and geological formations. I am taking a closer look at everything with great curiosity. Whether it is the tiniest bug or flower, to a rock that stands out from the others, to the numerous species of wildlife that reside here. I recently left a job of 21 years as manager of a wholesale fuel bulk plant which left me trapped in a small office with only my business duties filling my head. Early retirement...Was that wise? Well, today my head is slowing pushing those stressful anxious thoughts from my head and filling it with thoughts of wonder, curiosity and knowledge of the nature that surrounds me in a state that most people see as desolate with nothing to offer. Little do they know! Thank you to my sister (Gena Bentall), who helped open my eyes, and to Nevada and it's diverse ever changing terraine that warrants a second in depth look.

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