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note on hermits; I'm currently compiling a key to hermits FL/GoM, from multiple older papers/keys/sources and our specimen collection. I wholeheartedly welcome input on any IDs I'm adding or changing! Specifically, Paguristes tortugae and co. are a terribly confusing species complex and I've sort of adopted IDs of tortugae vs. kaenae (described late 2022), in the hopes of improving ID consistency. [P. karenae description and (gorgeous!) plates/pics here:]

I'm a marine invertebrate collection manager in muggy, sunny Florida. I'm a marine ecologist, photographer, scientific illustrator, and massive nerd perpetually jaywalking the intersection of science & art. I grew up snorkeling and running about the wilds of Florida but I love learning to ID everything I see. Whether that's on hikes in CA or NC, or paddling FL's cypress swamps & rivers. My graduate research is on coral reef community responses to multiple human stressors.

I am a taxonomist by trade, but not by schooling (but so few of my generation are). I'm slowly improving in my job duties etc., and strive to be confident when I do make an ID. But I will get things wrong. Please don't hesitate to correct &or comment, I love learning and always want to improve.


  • Very experienced in field ID of Caribbean reef fishes and corals; decent with coral disease symptoms; familiar with middle pacific coral reef genera.
  • [Just took a course on Caribbean benthic cnidarian ID, will hopefully be IDing more soft corals & hydroids soon!]
  • Increasingly improving in specimen ID of Gulf of Mexico inverts; familiar with basket & brittle stars, mantis shrimps, irregular urchins, slipper lobsters, purse & elbow crabs, and some soft corals.
  • Familiar with some southern and central CA herps, insects, nudibranchs, other tide pool lurkers, & kelp/reef denizens.

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