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Charles J. Surprenant

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I am a retired Fishery Biologist having spent 31 years with the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

I attended UCONN from 1965-1969 and obtained a BS degree in Fishery Biology. My major adviser was Dr. Walter Whitworth. After two years in the Army, I was hired by the US Fish and Wildlife Service.and worked for the Sea Lamprey Control Program in Ludington, MI, the Division of Ecological Services,in Rock Island, IL and the Fisheries Program in Princeton, IN and Carterville, IL.

I have expertise in the design and operation of electrofishing boats, warm water fisheries management, nuisance aquatic species including the Zebra mussel and Asian carp spp. and various Federal permitting processes,. At retirement, I was Project Leader of the Carterville, IL Fisheries Resources Office.

Currently, I am living in Paducah, KY and Palm Bay, FL.

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