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First of all, I am here to learn. Next, I wish to thank all of the professionals and experts who donate their time to teach us about the natural world. I truly appreciate the feedback and guidance.

About me:

My interests are primarily native plants, their pollinators, and invasives that threaten them in Boulder County, Colorado, USA. I rarely travel greater than 15 miles from my home to explore.

Although my formal studies and career took me into human care, I have never stopped being curious about all other living things nor suppressed my innate desire to care for them.

I am teaching myself to navigate modern botanical keys, mostly Ackerfield's Flora of Colorado and Weber and Wittman's Colorado Flora - Eastern Slope. I am learning how to utilize the riches of social media, herbaria records, SEINet, BoNAP, efloras, and Google to learn about the native trees, shrubs, and wildflowers of Colorado. This has become my primary hobby.

By posting my recent and past observations on iNaturalist, I hope to contribute in some way to humanity's understanding of why we need to appreciate and conserve our unique and precious home, Planet Earth.

Other stuff:

  • Volunteered @ Front Range Fire Followers, Left Hand Watershed Center - Cal-Wood footprint. All of my iNaturalist observations from August 12-13, 2021 are regrowth from the 2020 Cal-Wood fire footprint.
  • I am interested in watersheds, geology, evolutionary science, and tramping around in the foothills and prairies near my home.

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