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IMPORTANT: Tagging me in observation descriptions appears to no longer work. Please tag me in the comments after creating the observation; comment tags appear to still be functioning.

21, Chicago 'burbs. Junior at Lake Forest College in Lake County, Illinois, where I help manage, sort, and identify herbarium collections. Member of the Illinois Native Plant Society Kankakee Torrent Chapter. Volunteer monitor for the Chicago Botanic Garden's Plants of Concern Program and the Forest Preserve District of Will County's Plants of Concern Program. Helping out the Friends of Langham Island as often as possible, where I inventory and record species on the island.

If you visit Langham, please tell me about it or tag me in your observations! Any and all information about the island is valuable to me. I'm thinking of creating a journal post combining several papers I've written explaining the history and botanical significance of the site, so please also let me know if that is something you would want or feel you can contribute toward. The island is currently up to 456 recorded vascular plant species on a seasonally variable ~20 acres, an enormous portion of which are uncommon to endangered. I estimate there to be at least 50 more species yet undiscovered, as I find at least one new record every time I visit, seemingly no matter how often.

Don't take my number of IDs as evidence. Check for yourself. Feel free to ask questions or correct me if you believe I have made a mistake. I make mistakes.

Taxa I regularly ID:
Family Colchicaceae
... Disporum (I'm still improving)
... Uvularia
Subfamily Nolinoideae (Asparagaceae)
... Maianthemum
... Polygonatum biflorum
... Polygonatum pubescens
Subfamily Streptopoideae (Liliaceae)
... Scoliopus
... Streptopus
... Prosartes

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