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Although interested in all things natural since age 3, my passion in nature is the vespine wasps, the dreaded/hated/feared yellowjackets and hornets, which are primarily found in the Northern Hemisphere. As a researcher/enthusiast I have been studying these social wasps since 1977. I currently reside in my hometown in suburban Cleveland, Ohio, USA, but my travels have taken me to plenty of other States, as well as Taiwan, Nepal and South Korea to study these gorgeous and fascinating insects.

Be sure to check out my vespine wasp videos on YouTube-

Recently my interest in scorpions has been reignited. Typically, my enthusiasm for these fascinating and absolutely cool arachnids peaks and wanes, as I live where no wild scorpions occur. With retirement coming in the next year, I hope to travel to find and obtain visuals for many species. I also intend to return to the scorpion keeping 'hobby'. In the meantime, I'm reading scorpion papers and viewing photos of the 1000+ species presented here on iNat. A big THANK YOU to all of the identifiers of Scorpiones on iNat.

My profile picture is a Vespula squamosa queen, the last one netted in my back yard before moving back to Ohio. Parkville, Baltimore County, Maryland, USA. May 7, 2015.

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