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My background is in Wildlife Management and Ecology from Auburn University and Veterinary Technology from Snead State, I'm passionate about all things wild and domestic! After college, my career took me away from science and nature for almost 20 years and I thought I'd never be able to jump back in and contribute in a meaningful way, but iNaturalist has given me a fantastic outlet for my love of nature and urge to contribute to science. I am currently pursuing my Alabama Master Naturalist certification.

I like to consider myself a generalist but I do have a few areas of special interest, primarily lichens, snails, Oak gall wasps, and animal tracks and signs. And I have an extra soft spot for Leucochrysa pavida, the Lichen-carrying Lacewing!

The areas I mostly visit are calcareous woods full of limestone boulders and areas of exposed bedrock in the Bangor Limestone formation. Bangor, Blount Springs, and the Mulberry and Locust Fork Rivers in Blount County, Alabama are where the bulk of my observations are from.

2024 PiCA Grant Recipient : My conservation project is Conserving Pollinators and Other Insects with a Biological Inventory on Zoo Grounds (Birmingham Zoo).

Excellent resources I use often:
Georgia Lichen Database Fantastic lichen resource for the Southeast.
Gallformers A comprehensive database and tool to help identify North American plant galls.
Beartracker's Animal Tracks Den Excellent site for animal tracks and signs.
A Systemic Review of the Genus Leucochrysa in the United States : Very helpful information on Leucochrysa lacewings.

My favorite tools
Macro lens attachment for cell phones
Dissecting scope to see the tiny stuff!
Humane bug catcher and viewer. Doesn't harm the insects, magnifies them for viewing, and quick release.
Inexpensive loupe set, takes a little practice but you can use the highest magnification to take macro photos with your cell phone!

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