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Dianna and I moved to Virginia several years ago from New England. Not knowing much about the Flora and Fauna we took courses and became Certified Master Naturalists. The next thing that happened is bought 150 acres of forest land in Riner, Va. We built a cabin on the property where we hang out have lunch, or get in out of the rain. There are 18 hiking trails on the property, many we have not explored yet. Other than the cameras we carry, we have 7 trail cameras on the property. We find something new every time we pass through the gate to the property. We have put up several bird houses and several Mason Bee hives. Dianna plants native wild flowers around the cabin and in the pollinator garden we have to attract a variety of butterflies and bees and other insects. We also have a vernal pool, which we are monitoring. We allow folks who enjoy nature to hike the property, camp, shoot at the range, picnic but absolutely no hunting and written permission must be obtained go on the property. The property is posted as a Wild Life Sanctuary.

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