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Hello fellow naturalist!

Many thanks for sharing all your wonderful photos, it's been a total pleasure to see them all and a challenge to try to identify them. This is my profile page so I will describe myself briefly as a naturalist at heart and that I am originally from Edinburgh but I now live in deepest darkest Perú. Luckily I did a BSc (Hons) Zoology (UCT) and so taxonomic categorisation is not too unknown to me although I give my apologies if any of my IDs/comments were a bit off.

My choice of avatar is Earth cradled in our hands; which represents our need to protect Earth from the ravages of habitat destruction and flagrant fossil fuel use among other maladies sickening our precarious planet. Our own existence entirely depends on the normal functioning of our planet's delicate biosphere therefore we must do what we can to preserve Earth's normal natural state, only then we can guarantee a promising future for ourselves.

I will try to keep track of you below if this helps at all:

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