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Hello there!

Thank you for taking the time to check out my profile. Born and raised in the California Delta region in the Central Valley, I have always had a fascination for wildlife. My main interest is and always will be herps with more focus on salamanders. Since joining iNat my interests have stemmed to everything at this point. Other main interests include arachnids, moths, tadpole and fairy shrimp, fish, paleontology and geology. I'll pick a new interest in taxa every few months or so and then move to something else, then come back to it. Most recently I have been getting into wildflowers and birds.

In 2017 I moved to middle Tennessee where I am currently trying to learn and become proficient in the flora and fauna within the state. I have also started trying to memorize the scientific names for a lot of common species I run into.

I apologize in advance if I sound too abrasive or rude when questioning an ID. I try my best to sound nice and attentive. I mainly ask questions, not to try and challenge an individual's knowledge on the taxa, but for myself to learn for future reference in case I come across it again. I love learning from people who have a passion in certain subjects and that's all I'm trying to do in those situations.

I used to have a youtube channel but have stopped posting videos in 2018. In 2021 I started an instagram account to mainly focus on wildlife, fossils, and crystals that I find. Fair warning, I'm not really active on it but I try my best to like as many peoples posts as possible. The link to the account is below:

P.S. If your ever in the Tennessee area feel free to message me! I love meeting fellow iNat users and am usually spending my free time outside anyways, so I figured I might as well help some people get lifers within my area!

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