Matthew Ferretti

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Amateur naturalist & photographer.

I have had a lifelong interest in nature and love to find new plants and animals wherever I go. I often find myself preoccupied with observing local insects, animals, and plants whenever I travel to a new place.

The images I upload to iNaturalist are a hodgepodge mix of those that I have taken simply to document a sighting or to identify a specimen, and those that I think are decent enough for others to use for personal or educational purposes. If you are interested in using any of my photographs, you may message me for full resolution versions, as I typically upload compressed versions to iNaturalist in order to use less space. I hope to have my photographs become more useful to educators and researchers in the future as I expand my skillset and produce work of higher quality.

My interests extend into native plant gardening to increase biodiversity in urban and suburban environments, as well as general environmental activism relating to conservation and efforts to curb climate change.

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