Matt Webb

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I am an Avian Ecologist at Bird Conservancy of the Rockies in Fort Collins, Colorado, leading our automated radio telemetry (Motus) related efforts to study migratory grassland birds across the Great Plains and Chihuahua Desert. A lifelong birder, I've become very interested in flies... I also love moths, butterflies, true bugs, fake bugs, wasps, bees, plants... pretty much anything alive (or dead!)...

I coordinate Northern Colorado's involvement in the City Nature Challenge.

I am the former Urban Bird Conservation Coordinator for the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh, PA. I founded BirdSafe Pittsburgh, which is a citizen-science project that aims to reduce bird-window collisions in the Pittsburgh region. During my time at the museum, I also spearheaded and led Pittsburgh's involvement in the City Nature Challenge (

I'm also very interested in connecting people to the natural world through the use of technologies and other resources that have the ability to engage people wherever they are at. iNaturalist has changed the way I interact with my surroundings, and I believe that it has the ability to do that for everyone regardless of place or circumstances!

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