City Nature Challenge 2019, Carl Schurz Park

If anyone is interested in recording organisms (plants, insects, birds, fungi, etc) in Carl Schurz Park during the four days of the worldwide iNaturalist "City Nature Challenge 2019", Friday April 26th through Monday 29th, I am running two events that I am hoping some people will attend. One is on Friday morning and one on Monday morning -- both are 9 am to 12 noon, meeting at East End Ave and 86th Street, and fanning out from there.

If you have any questions, feel free to let me know by typing @susanhewitt anywhere on iNaturalist. Of course you don't need to be at an "event" in order to make observations -- feel free to go there yourself anytime, and record anything you like for iNaturalist.

Any observation that you make in NYC during those four days will help increase NYC's overall total, and will hopefully propel the city into the top five of cities worldwide.


Posted on April 21, 2019 01:30 PM by susanhewitt susanhewitt


Susan, I will join you on these two dates in Carl Schurz Park. Looking forward to the challenge!


Posted by spritelink almost 5 years ago

Is 9 am OK for you, Janet @spritelink? Not too early?

Posted by susanhewitt almost 5 years ago

My leg is still giving me trouble, so I will be taking a taxi from here to there. Do you want to ride with me, at no charge?

Posted by susanhewitt almost 5 years ago

Susan, 9:00am is fine with me and I will meet you there. Thanks anyway for the offer of a ride

Posted by spritelink almost 5 years ago

OK, very good. I am glad you are coming. See you at East End Ave and 86th Street at 9 am. Someone from the Conservancy will call me and join us at about 10 am, no matter where in the park we are.

Posted by susanhewitt almost 5 years ago

I am hoping that the Zone Gardeners from Carl Schurz Park Conservancy will each make observations of all the different plants in their Zone Garden during this weekend. That would be very helpful.

Remember, it does not matter whether you do, or don't know, what something is. Please also photograph any weeds or bugs or slugs you come across. :)

Posted by susanhewitt almost 5 years ago

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