Return to Richmond

After leaving Richmond 18 days ago, today marked our return. Our journey spanned nearly 4000 miles by van, and the adventures really began the more we traveled by way of foot and watercraft. Our 17 nights were spent at 9 unique locations, some of which were more challenging to get to than others. The real meat of the trip, or hummus, depending on who in our crew you ask, lies within the tales we won’t soon forget, and today’s long haul back our second home of Richmond gave us plenty of time to reflect on these memorable moments of our journey. Between the NPR podcasts and 2000s’ throwback playlists (yes, the 2000s are now throwback territory), tales of vibrant birds, reptiles, and sunsets were recounted. The trip was smooth, with a few stops for gas, and one for Chipotle, being the only hold-ups. The sight of falling snow sparked excitement for some and agony for others, but certainly served as a reminder of the stark differences in climate between the southeast ecosystems we had spent the past weeks studying and our home away from home in Indiana.

The special group of novice naturalists, armed with the guidance of their fearless leader Chris “Antz” Smith, open ears and minds, and an avid distaste for mosquitoes, extracted every ounce of knowledge they possibly could from their one-of-a-kind firsthand field experiences. All Earlhamites returned to Richmond safely, and we look forward to formally sharing our experiences at our Presentation of Learning in the near future. Thanks for keeping up with us!

-Reece Zonts, first year from Elgin, IL

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