Hawk Moth Pollination

Hawk moths (Sphingidae) are an important group of nocturnal pollinators, particularly in the tropics. While there are several day-flying species, the nocturnal species drive the classic set of floral features associated with moth pollination: pale, intensely fragrant, night blooming flowers with long, narrow tubes or spurs, positioned to provide a clear flight path for a hovering pollinator.
Some examples:
A comet orchid with long nectar spur: Angraecum lecomtei
A Star of Bethlehem: Hippobroma longiflora
A member of the coffee family: Posoqueria latifolia

For more details, see: Johnson SD, Moré M, Amorim FW, Haber WA, Frankie GW, Stanley DA, Cocucci AA, Raguso RA. 2017. The ...more ↓

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Flowers are fantastic. Humans admire their colors, scents, and symmetry, but flowers are also amazing examples of adaptation, allowing angiosperms to communicate with their pollinators and key to their massive diversification.

This project includes colorful, unique, interesting, and bizarre flowers, for the inspiration and education of students and plant enthusiasts alike.

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