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I have decided to make the submission model for this project open. The reason is that I want others to be able to contribute to this project and contribute to may become a database of plant photos taken at less than ideal times (from an identification perspective). However, I also want to maintain some rather strict rules to ensure that this stays useful.

Only submit an observation if:

  1. You know with high confidence what the genus or species is, or
  2. It grows very near where you live or work and you have high confidence that you will be able to observe it in flower or fruit.

Ideally, you will have supporting observations that back up your ID. You don't necessarily need this, but it is recommended in case the ID is called into question. Which brings me to the observations that will be kicked out of the project.

Observations will be removed from the project if:

  1. The observation has been on the project for a year or longer without an ID to genus or species, or
  2. The ID of the observation is called into question and cannot be supported with other observations or photos, or
  3. The photo(s) are extremely poor and don't contribute much in understanding the morphology, or
  4. There are so many observations of a species in a specific geographic area that more photos only overwhelms the observations from other geographic areas.

If your observation gets kicked out of the project, please do not take it personally. It is simply an effort to effectively create a tool to distinguish plants photographed at the times of year where is a lack of flowers or fruit.

A somewhat flexible starting limit will be set to 10 observations per Texas county, with exceptions given for the very large Trans-Pecos counties. The large counties of this and other states should reflect a 10 observation limit per general area. The size of this general area is to be determined. Exceptions may be given for different habitat types, growing conditions, or generally odd morphologies for the species.

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