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Relationship: Deviation

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Hybrid Ophrys x gauthieri (parent: Section Pseudophrys) Not external
Subspecies Ophrys lutea battandieri (parent: Species Ophrys lutea)
Subspecies Ophrys lutea murbeckii (parent: Species Ophrys lutea)

Ophrys x gauthieri is the oldest name for the fusca x lutea hybrid.
Ophrys battandier is not an hybrid but an Moroccan-Algerian-Tunisian species, considered by all recent N-African botanists and also main of the ancient ones :
Ophrys murbeckii is another species from the same group, long time called "subfusca" auct. (non sensu Rchb.) and later called O. numida and more recently O. algeriensis.
The taxonomic treatment choosen here, at subspecies rank under O. lutea s.l., is consistent with the global treatment on POWO for other related taxa like O. (lutea subsp.) aspea, O. (lutea subsp.) galilaea, O. (lutea subsp.) laurensis, etc.

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Ophrys lutea battandieri
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