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I’m a species at risk biologist, native plant grower, and restoration practitioner based in Victoria BC, Canada. I work for the Canadian Forest Service (Natural Resources Canada). My job is focused on ecosystem stewardship and rare species protection, and I work with a variety of taxa but primarily vascular plants. I’m also a Research Associate in Entomology at the Royal British Columbia Museum, where I study the Orthoptera of two regions, northwestern North America and Central America. I’m trying to answer the most basic questions, such as which species are present, where do they occur, what are their habitat associations and key interspecific interactions, are any species rare or at risk, and are there undescribed species or taxonomic problems to be addressed.

Me interesan mucho los ortópteros de Centroamérica – los grillos, saltamontes, e insectos relacionados. Espero que a través de este sitio pueda ayudar a subir el nivel de conocimiento de este grupo y facilitar identificaciones para otros.

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