December 29, 2020

URL strings useful for IDing.

I recently ran out of IDs to make on curatorial projects that I've been working on. I'd gone through all 12k observations in my Florida Mint Monitoring Project, and I figured I'd seen all of the Florida mint observations available on iNat.

But then I was thinking about all the mint observations that were stuck in "Dicot" ID limbo. Those observations tend to be stuck at a high level ID for a long time (sometimes even years). After reading this post by @tiwane et al. in the iNat forum, I learned about a whole bunch of useful url string tools. The following url allowed me to search for Florida observations that had at least one ID as something in Lamiaceae but had consensus IDs that were anything but Lamiaceae:

The "ident_taxon_id=" and "without_taxon_id=" strings opened up a big set of great mint observations that were just waiting to be nudged towards the correct ID. I'm writing this post in case you're in a similar boat with your organisms and are looking for a way to find those hidden observations. Check out the rest of the useful url strings here.

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