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October 05, 2021

to do

(this is not actually meant to be for the public, but I cannot find another space here to place it privately)

Geometridae Sammlung P.Staub
(Museum Luzern, Sammlung M.Zurmühle, Zygaenidae, Psychidae, ev Papilionoidea) (second time go through all Noctuoidea)

lit suchen für Faunistik
Indien., Iran, South America
(focus on biodiversity hotspots: Amazon, Indonesia, Congo)

alte Abbildungen (copyright-free)
Hampson, Butler, Walker etc (NHM)
Hübner, Cramer, Felder, Möschler, Schaus, Guenee, Herrich-Schäffer, Oberthür

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Switzerland 2021

sometimes, the light trap is placed in dramatic landscape

The light trap can be seen on the last picture, lower right, protected by a pile of stones
Steingletscher, Sustenpass, Switzerland
October 3, 2021

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