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July 06, 2017

Advice for people running projects—what do you want to know/tell?

I posted in the Google group about this last night but thought I'd try here too since not everyone is in the Google group.

For while I've thought that the Help section could benefit from more advice/tips specifically for projects and many of the regular readers of this group have experience with organizing/running/curating projects in iNaturalist. If you're a site curator you could theoretically edit the html of the help page, but since that's a much higher bar to contribution I thought I'd start a Google Doc for drafting.

So if you know a thing or two about iNaturalist projects, what do you think other people should know if they want to start a project? Or do a better job with the project they already have? Anyone should be able to edit using this link:

I started with a few questions and sections, but please jump in and edit/revise/expand. Then after we've got something more substantial we can get it in the Help section on iNat.

This community has a wealth of knowledge to help each other be more effective with projects! Let's get more of it out there.

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