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November 16, 2020

Bioblitz Club 2nd Virtual Urban Bioblitz Saturday Nov 28th!

The Bioblitz Club is having a second Virtual Urban Bioblitz on Saturday November 28th!

What is a virtual bioblitz?

It's when you take photos of nature wherever you are and post them to iNaturalist! It can be any time of day on the 28th, at your house: in your yard, on the eves of your house, on your bird feeders, or take a walk on your street, in your local park, etc! You can listen for owls late at night, or look for pollinators on dandelions at 2pm in the afternoon!

Description from the Bioblitz Club event webpage:

"Join us for another Virtual BioBlitz! The great advantage of a virtual BioBlitz is that you can join in from wherever you're at. All you need to do, is join our iNaturalist project (will be posted here soon), and go out on 11/28. Or stay home. Explore your favorite preserve or your garage, wherever you'd like. Any observations you make on 11/28 will be automatically added to our project. You can also join our new Facebook group Virtual Urban BioBlitz, to meet other virtual BioBlitzers and share your photos and thoughts."

And a great thing about a virtual bioblitz is many people who are experts in various fields look at and identify your posts that day! This is especially great for fungi, plants, & insects, which don't usually get ID'd as fast as the vertebrates (the charismatic megafauna on iNat).

Link to the event:

Link to the Virtual Urban Bioblitz Facebook Group:

(Observations below were recently photographed at Sycamore Grove Park, a local park)

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