July 11, 2020

mile marker

I just noticed that I have made 25,000 identifications, mostly ferns of northeastern U.S. I hope to post more observations, with some better quality photographs.
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June 18, 2019

New to iNaturalist

I've been here about two weeks now. First I posted some of my favorite sightings from the photos on my computer. I've been reviewing ferns of the U.S. pretty much every day since. (Once visiting a friend I used a laptop that couldn't get the + cursor to work - that was a handicap.) I live in Boston and am fairly familiar with the native pteridophytes of New England. I've been trying to give an opinion about nearly all the fern postings from the Northeast. I have been seeing ferns from other parts of the country, and am learning a few. Some I have seen on visits to California or Florida. Mostly I let others ID those.
This is all great fun. I like to walk in the woods here, and can often identify the ferns I see without breaking step. Especially fun is to have to stop and look carefully at something different. Sometimes I even take a piece for an herbarium collection (mostly NEBC).
Here I can ID ferns even at night, or when it is raining.

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