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June 10, 2016

as long as we're kvetching

Lists don't work reliably. Places don't work reliably either.
No further interest in these features.
Just don't even get me STARTED on Identotron

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June 27, 2016

Note to self: create a playa project

There needs to be one. I've been finding really interesting species associated with Llano Estacado playas, salinas, and particularly their margin habitats. Alkaline and salt-loving stuff.
Doubt anyone else will do this. So I should do this. Maybe over the winter, when observations slow down

Would it be more useful to cinclude all playa species, or just the playa-unique ones? The latter would be hard to manage. A compromise would be playa-representative species, but that's rather subjective.

Salinas are a different ballgame. Should they be lumped in with intermittent playas, or given their own project? How to categorize a body of water? That too may be problematic

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