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January 05, 2019

January 13, 2019

Repost: Mountain Lions

Mountain lion’s death on 15 Freeway near Temecula raises serious questions.
Not exactly user friendly for wildlife.

That matters because a young male mountain lion was killed near here recently on the 15. At least three have been killed in the area in the past 20 months.

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January 21, 2019

Reposted: Making Good Mushroom Observations

@tiwane helped produce this video, where curator Christian Schwartz @leptonia talks about tips for making good mushroom observations:
Tips for Observing Fungi for iNaturalist

Co-author of Mushrooms of the Redwood Coast, with @noah_siegel:

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San Diego Plant Atlas

Thank you for posting observations of plants in San Diego County to iNaturalist. All observations, including yours, that have been added to the San Diego County Plant Atlas Project are providing valuable information about the distribution and diversity of plants in our area. At the San Diego Natural History Museum, we are excited about the increased depth of knowledge that will be available to scientists by integrating verified iNaturalist observations with scientific specimen data drawn from the Museum's herbarium database. To achieve the best results, we need your help. Please join the San Diego County Plant Atlas Project on iNat (if you haven't already). Once you are a member of the Project, navigate to your observations page in the Project and select "Yes" in response to the question "Do you want to make your private/obscured coordinates visible to the project curators?" This will allow more accurate mapping of species distribution for scientific study and to facilitate conservation of sensitive species.
You can find more detailed instructions at this link:
Thank you for your contributions to the expanding knowledge of the flora of San Diego County.

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