July 25, 2018

NYC BioBlitz Help Needed in September!

I'm organizing the sixth annual Macaulay Honors College BioBlitz that is taking place at Inwood Hill Park in Manhattan, New York on September 15th and 16th. Our BioBlitz teams up our 500 sophomores with naturalists, scientists, and other experts who have knowledge of the local flora and fauna for a celebration of urban biodiversity and an experience with ecological data collection. More info can be found here: https://macaulay.cuny.edu/eportfolios/bioblitz/about/

Our teams are taxon specific and we have some gaps to fill this year. Team leaders are responsible for taking out small teams of eager students, demonstrating appropriate observation methods, and finding as many species as you can in a particular taxonomic group. We tend to be flexible with how inclusive these taxonomic groups are, based on who is helping us out. This year, we are looking for local experts in the following areas: Ants, Bees/Wasps, Flies, Mammals, Mushrooms, Dragonflies, Spiders, and non-arthropod inverts (flexible to taxonomic groups included here).

Would anyone who is in the NYC area and knows these organisms like to be our taxon leaders for these groups? @susanhewitt, @srall, @danielatha, do you know any people who might be interested?

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