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May 23, 2023

New Camera!

Yes, after a few years using an old cell-phone camera, I have now finally bought a new camera. It is an Olympus TG-6. Not counting several inexpensive point-and-shoot cameras (both film and digital) that were used for family pictures over the years, this is my first "real" camera.

After I learn and have practised all the different settings, I hope to be able to post some better pictures for my iNat observations. It is capable of under-water photography and focus-stacking of macro-images. What I am really looking forward to is to produce an image with good resolution of small features when zoomed-in on an insect or plant.

Next, I have ordered a light ring so that I can take close-up images of moths without the camera shadow interfering with the picture. Currently, I have been holding the camera at an angle to allow the subject to be illuminated from a headlamp.

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