January 24, 2022

Fight against Needs id

Winter is a time of ids, but it's hard to feel for me, for more than a month I wait to see my level of unided observations to drop to 11k to upload some backlog, but it just doesn't happen even though my rate of uploading is close to zero. I already have a list of taxa I dropped observing as they get no or little attention attention no matter how much you try (lichens, mosses, tipulids, mosquitoes, snails, worms, etc.), it really seems birds are the only group I can be sure in to get an id/agreement, everything else fails.
This year brought me 4+k of needs id observations, 1/ of all observed that time, last yar (2020) it's still 3,7k, so again still 1/4, it's frustraiting as far from that is unrecognisable observations, many are, but just checking what's already on species level would be cool enough. I know it's a rant that won't change anything and I don't want to have some blind agreements, but recieving ids is very motivating to both observing and making own ids, so in the end it's the platform that wins from it, not just myself. Facts that I fail at everything I try doesn't help that situation in a slightest, so I have no motivation to go out in winter.
It's just amuzing how slow it's still in winter times, last summer it was just standing still, now it's 10 ids/day as a max and mostly lower.

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August 11, 2021

К озеру горных духов (Trip)

Поездка к озеру, оказавшаяся пятичасовым восхождением на 3.300, не хватает воздуха для нормальной работы мышц, поэтому к тому, что дышишь как собака, прибавляется то, что за раз вверх можно пройти не больше 50 метров (как максимум), идти вниз намного проще, хотя пришлось много конкретно съезжать, надеюсь, местные цветы не в обиде, старалась большие объезжать.
Расстояние пишу только пройденное в конце. плюс 16+ км на машине с несколькими остановками и разворотом.
Из незапечатлённого ящерицы и марал.

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January 22, 2021

Определение пчёл подсемейства Nomiinae (Halictidae) России

Ключ к родам и видам России и сопредельных стран:
Рукопись о семействе в России:
Сайт с фотографиями многих видов (с признаками, важными для определения):
Pseudapis http://www.atlashymenoptera.net/page.aspx?id=83
Nomiapis (в систематике iNat в составе Pseudapis) http://www.atlashymenoptera.net/page.aspx?id=72
Lipotriches http://www.atlashymenoptera.net/page.aspx?id=91
Acunomia (в систематике iNat subg. Nomia) http://www.atlashymenoptera.net/page.aspx?id=170
Hoplomia (в систематике iNat subg. Nomia) http://www.atlashymenoptera.net/page.aspx?id=133

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January 13, 2021

Kurkino (Trip)

Went to look up for woodpeckers, but find none other than Black Woodpecker. Many tits, bullfinches and magpies.

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January 06, 2021

Царицыно (Trip)

Цель поездки найти гуся и чирка. Много крякв, огарей, галок, ворон. Поющие синица и поползень.

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January 01, 2021

Kolomenskoe (Trip)

Went to check for Glaucous Gull, but met almost none gulls roosting on water or flying by, saw Rooks again and flying Magpie, no Jay this time. Found Gadwall among Mallards.

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December 29, 2020

Malyi Atlesh (Trip)

Started from the auto stop, went down the west coast, but with my low ability to walk in hot weaher it was a relatively short trip. Main focus was on birds and insects as it's almost all you can do in that part of the year at this latitude in steppe environment. Plus wanted to find again lichens seen in 2019 but not documented. First wanted to look up some Blenniidae but again too hot for me to do that seriously and this time there were too many people.

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Northern coast of Djangul' (Trip)

Started by the new construction site, went south, stopped at the rift for swimming, went further to the place where we went to in 2019, weather started changing, so after searching for beetles went back, had to wait for taxi driver for almost an hour, heard stories that wolves and jackals came to this place, though we're unfortuate to see mammals.

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Visiting Djur-Djur (Trip)

Trip was aimed to see the mountain flora&fauna of Crimea, with supposed focus on lichens and mosses. Finished early because of the rain, couldn't get past one spot of high rocks.
Best finds of the day for myself were:
First photo of Viscum album, Oecanthus pellucens on the grass at the start, female Lucanus cervus and unidentified Machilidae at the spot where we culdn't ack further fast and rain was starting, many Phyllodromica polita running around and Conocephalum salebrosum growing on the rocks at the spot where salmon were swimming, and of course Carabus scabrosus ssp. tauricus found by other tourists on the rocks right in the river.

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June 24, 2020

Новые виды сегодня

Поездка немного не по плану, однако, что-то мы нашли. Пока что далеко не всё определено, будет больше видов.

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