Collecting Asilidae in South America

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Hi all,

I'm looking to acquire molecular-grade specimens of Asilidae from all over the world, (and relevant to this post) especially south America. Such specimens would be instrumental in reconstructing the evolutionary history of these venomous predators, and also aid in their taxonomic revision and reclassification.

Would any of you included here have the means or interest to collect robber flies into 90-100% ethanol? Please let me know if so, and I can provide further details.

¿Alguno de ustedes incluido aquí tendría los medios o el interés de recolectar moscas ladronas en etanol al 90-100%? Si es así, avíseme y puedo proporcionar más detalles.

Algum de vocês incluído aqui teria os meios ou interesse para coletar moscas ladrão em etanol 90-100%? Informe-me se sim, e posso fornecer mais detalhes.

I hope you all are staying safe and healthy!


Posted on September 07, 2020 02:55 PM by myelaphus myelaphus


Hi Chris, totally! Happy to send you material, I have two long trips scheduled this year, and there I can start collecting. Let me know for more details.

Posted by patrich over 3 years ago

Con gusto cuando termine la cuarentena y se pueda salir a fotografiarlas y colectarlas.
Saludos desde Buenos Aires... Ricardo

Posted by r-a-p over 3 years ago

Hi Myelaphus ! Thank you for the message. Although it doesn't help as much as colecting specimen, I prefer to stick with observing and shooting pictures. I hope you will have success in your investigation !



Posted by quentinvdm over 3 years ago

Claro que si. Con mucho gusto. Y también apoyarte desde el INABIO, si es necesario.


Posted by felipecampos over 3 years ago

Hi Chris !
What a great project and tremendous challenge. I wish you a lot of success and I thank you for the effort, because it contributes to the knowledge of biodiversity and therefore to its conservation. In my case, due to a philosophical issue, I do not capture, only record species. However, in the group of Chilean flower flies, they do make entomological captures. If you think it is pertinent, I can contact the curator of this group (Rodrigo Barahona-Segovia) so that through him you can request captures of specimens of the family Asilidae in your group (Moscas Florícolas de Chile). More now that they are going to start waking up from their diapause.
May all go well

Posted by orlandomontes over 3 years ago

Ningún problema ! En cuanto pueda comenzaré para ayudar :)

Posted by vicentevaldesguzman over 3 years ago

Hi, Chris,
Unfortunately I won't be able to help you although I can see that your project can become of great importance for science. First reason is that the shipping of insects or "biological materials for scientific research and other purposes" out of Brazil is prohibited unless previously authorized by due agencies. Take a look at this doc, please. Secondly, I'm kind of facing moral issues related to even bothering animals with flash lights and noise, not to mention collecting them. Maybe I'm becoming too old and recalling childish memories from a time when there seemed to have much more wild living creatures around me. Have you tried to contact our Universites' Biology Departments for loans or similar studies, if it helps?

I wish you will be successful anyway you lead it.

Best regards.


Posted by douglas-u-oliveira over 3 years ago

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