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I enjoy learning and teaching and I am more interested in figuring things out rather than being right.

Me gusta documentar la biodiversidad pero no sé mucho al nivel de especie. Mis identificaciones solo son para intentar ayudar y me equivoco muchas veces. Si creen que estoy equivocado no duden en decirme no hay problema asi aprendo :)

My maverick IDs:

links and website useful for ID:

butterflies of the americas:

butterflies in the Amazon:

butterflies of cotacachi:

best for line drawings of all orchids: great for pics, plus often synonymy and more

florula of nearby maquipucuna:

orchids of maquipucuna:

vascular flora of ecuador, outdated but nice to see thousands of herbarium specimens' locality data:

2-face book groups: REIVINDICANDO A LAS ARAÑAS (Vindicating SPIDERS)--one of my favorite groups; admins strictly control postings and fear and idiocy; Faceplant, mostly in Spanish, superb for botany; planet pleurothallid; epidendrum; American Orchid Society;

great website for ctenids:

youtube videos of Mindo project during pandemia:

A lot of, as yet, undescribed orchids. Here are some pleurothallids: maybe same as :

To be on the lookout if exploring far from home: Epidendrum nearer to home

A world record in birding:

1) an interview of me talking about the Big Day:
2) an interview with a Viking about the Big Day:
3) an interview with a Dutchman about the Big Day:
4) scouting and dunking a basketball for the biggest day in birding history:
5) dawn chorus of the Big Day, 08 oct 2015:
6) random clips from scouting for the Big Day:

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