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January 01, 2016

Switching to Reptiles

With over 10,000 photos of living organisms on my computer, it will be a huge job putting all my observations on iNaturalist. I may never get it done, but I want to get as many as I can online. I started out just doing the Chamaesyces (Euphorbia sect. Anisophyllum). All of the species except two that I have observed are now on iNaturalist (on one of those, I'm waiting for it to be described which will hopefully happen next year). I'm now switching my focus to my Reptile pictures because I feel like I can get a relatively large taxonomic chunk out of the way with a relatively small number of pictures (still well in the thousands) and because I feel like I have a decent grasp on them (I used to want to be a herpetologist). After that, I will either try to get mammals out of the way (because I have very few pictures of them) or go back to plants where I actually feel like I know a thing or two. I imagine the invertebrates will be last. It is a whole other world that I am reluctant to get into when I have so many others to add that I know.

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