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January 03, 2019

January 14, 2019

Nieuwe entries voor dagboeken op iNaturalist

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January 20, 2019


What is it?
Where can you find it?

With screenshots and links:!topic/inaturalist/5VZr_Nmf8ok

Kaggle is excited to partner with research groups to push forward the frontier of machine learning. Research competitions make use of Kaggle's platform and experience, but are largely organized by the research group's data science team.

GBIF folks: is there a DwC-A field that can be used to avoid
duplication when identical records are present in multiple
"collections" and datasets? institutionCode, collectionCode, and
catalogNumber don't seem appropriate, since a record in iNat will have
iNat values for these fields, even if it originated from another
database like questabird or ALA. I realize this is the (very) old UUID
/ GUID / LSID problem, but I'm wondering if you guys have an approach
you've chosen.

''Abonneer op waarnemingen dit plaats.''

Was dit het arbeidsintensieve project:

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January 21, 2019

User defined Fields or observation fields

To view observation fields with your Observado ID, you might want to bookmark a link like this:
and then edit that number at the very end of the URL to your Observado ID in question.

It's my understanding that a redesign of the observations search page is on the to-do list for the website developers, and I do hope they include observation fields/annotations in the filters. For now you can navigate to an observation to find the appropriate URL (e.g. see attached, where you would click "Observations with this field and value") to find the link above.

iNaturalist doesn't have any "standardized" observation fields for host species. "Host" is the most used one, though "Host plant" is also commonly used. Here are all the observation fields with "host" in the name. The only standardized observation fields (aka "Annotations") are Sex, Life Stage, and Flowering Phenology. Read more about annotations here.


Annotations fields

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January 24, 2019


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Auteur: Michael Walters
Uitgever: VBK Media
Nederlands 1e druk
Paperback 351 pagina's

De nederlandse namen die gebruikt worden op iNaturalist zijn afkomst van het boekje 'COMPLETE CHECKLIST VOGELS VAN DE WERELD' maar de misdrukte pagina's zijn wel gecorrigeerd.</IMG.

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January 25, 2019

Wikidata:WikiProject iNaturalist

A free-licensed iNaturalist observation of Procavia capensis (Q323847) (iNaturalist:14693435) reused on Wikimedia Commons.
iNaturalist (Q16958215) is a citizen science project focused on biodiversity. It has a large community of enthusiasts, of which some are also active in the various Wikimedia communities. This wikiproject aims at improving the cross-pollination between iNaturalist and Wikimedia communities. Wikimedia Commons is an ideal platform to source iNaturalist with observations while iNaturalist with its high-grade annotations of observations provides valuable references to Wikidata statements. "Research grade" observations are incorporated into other online databases such as Global Biodiversity Information Facility (Q1531570). iNaturalist supports many Wikimedia-compatible licensing options, including CC0 (Q6938433), Creative Commons Attribution (Q6905323) and Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (Q6905942). Snippets from English Wikipedia are also used on iNaturalist to describe individual taxa.

Searching for copyright notices, e.g. for Wikipedia.

in dutch:

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January 27, 2019

January 31, 2019

Translate iNaturalist into Dutch

Translate iNaturalist into Dutch is done by the next people:


18.Author: 1621 Optilete 1734 lines
6.Author: 2930 Goefie 2477 lines 26 aug 2018 - 23 sep 2018
12.Author: 685 MHO 617 lines
20.Author: Robin van der Vliet 427
5.Author: 271 BramEsposito 273 lines 14 mei 2018 - 11 September 2018
13.Author: 172 Marjo 171 lines 25 maart 2018 - 27 maart 2018
21.Author: Siebrand 143
7.Author: Hansmuller 49
4.Author: Andrawaag 46
8.Author: Hinko 2
23.Author: Wouterkoch 34
9.Author: KlaasZ4usV 25
10.Author: Kueda 3
11.Author: Lies Van Rompaey 5
14.Author: MrLeopold 1
15.Author: Mwestra74 11
16.Author: Ndecouck 18
17.Author: Nienke74 19
19.Author: Pwijnsouw 3
22.Author: Sjoerddebruin 48

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