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Derek Tribble.

While the leaf shape of Adros inamoenus and triflorus can be identical, they are definitely distinct, because the former has straight buds and the latter curved. They are ecologically separate, usually with inamo in Fynbos at higher altitudes here and triflorus in the Succulent Karoo below.

ie Ad inamoenus = straight buds. High altitude fynbos

Ad triflorus =curved buds. Succulent Karoo

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Link .Getting to Outramps Red List obs.

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Outramps Red List Obs

Sandra Falanga
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to me, Ann

Hi Jenny

Recapping how to get to Outramps Red List Obs:

  1. In Explore's Filter at Project: Type in South African Red List Plants and Animals
  2. Select Your Observations
  3. Your Username will appear in the link.
  4. Insert the Outramps Usernames, comma separated (no spaces) next to your name.
  5. Refine your search: by limiting Usernames, adding a Place, Date, or Map search. It might not be relevant or efficient to do the whole group everytime!

It might be easier to do the list of names or create the link in Word. Copy the link, created after point 3 above, into Word and insert the User Names.




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