April 30, 2022

Uploading previous observations

For the past couple of weeks I have been uploading observations i'v made at the HJA over the last few years. I'v been on iNaturalist for a while but haven't been actively adding observations as I make them.

My observation photos are mostly from my camera, a Canon 7D 35mm. I'v been the fire lookout at Carpenter Mtn since 2014, so, most of my observations since then have been at Carpenter. Prior to that I visited the Lookout Creek Old-growth trail quite a few times. I probably won't upload all my observations from Carpenter as there are far too many and many are redundant although maybe valuable as phenology data for flowering plants.

Prior to the last couple of weeks my observations were of flora/fauna that i have not been able to identify on my own. I like to identify all my flora/fauna photos down as far as possible.

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