May 23, 2023

Red Tailed Hawks Nest In my Neighborhood 5.15.2023

For years, I've had red-tailed hawks nesting in a rather large tree behind my house.
They did not disappoint this year.

I start hearing the squealing baby rths and that's when I travel back with my camera to try to get pictures. They aren't easy to get, because the tree they are nesting is higher than a two-story condo. I love I can run get pictures of them every year.

The squealing for hours on end is concerning to me; it sounds so pitiful. This year they seem to be doing better and have more food sources. And, there are two in the nest I can see, and I suspect an even smaller one underneath the others. I love my hawks. Although, the parents do visit my yard and terrify all my species of birds who regularly feed and drink here.

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AMP Cemetery-Wildflower Meadow 2023-05-20 Sunday Morning

Jan Roset and I went out to survey the Wildflower Meadow on Sunday, May 20, 2023.
During our survey, we observed a female Red Tailed Hawk fly from the forest at the back of the meadow with what appeared to be a rabbit or a squirel in her talons and being chased by a group of various types of small birds. She flew across the field to the left and landed in the large tree at the top quickly eating her prey. Then, flew in a smaller red tailed hawk quickly interacting with her and who pushed her to the next smaller tree over and mounted on her back having "relations" with her. Then, they sat for a moment, and both flew away.

I did get pictures of the affair.

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