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IPM Images

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Geometer caterpillars - Cutworm caterpillars - differences

Comparison of Geometer caterpillar and Cutworm caterpillar - Geometer caterpillar - Cutworm caterpillar

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My IDs

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Links that I use

Suggestions for photographing larva of Lepidoptera

Most Plusiines cannot be reliably IDed from a larval photo.

Detailed information regarding difficulty of identifying Plusiine Family larvae in "Owlet Caterpillars of Eastern North America" by David L. Wagner, et al. -- pp 291-293 in PDF version of text (without photos)

  • Owlet_Caterpillars_of_Eastern_North_America_Lepido.pdf

Links to filtered searches that I often refer to for help in IDs.

--Larvae and other early stages of North American Lepidoptera
--Plusiinae larva - RG
--World-wide list of moths in Plusiinae Subfamily - with some photos of larva when available (text in German)
--Trichoplusia ni - 82 photos
--Trichoplusia ni - partial life cycle
--Trichoplusia ni - Lepiforum
--Plusiinae Larva - BugGuide
--Tachinid flies
--Eosphoropteryx thyatyroides - Pink-patched Looper Moth
--Enigmogramma basigera (Often found on Lobelia)
--Bugwood - Image Database System
--Larvae images of Plusiinae on MPG
--Geometridae larva

---- others misidentifed as Plusiinae larva

Plutella xylostella

Diaphania hyalinata - Melonworm Moth

Pieris rapae

Diaphania nitidalis

Ponometia candefacta

Alsophila pometaria larvae - Fall Cankerworm Moth

Evergestis rimosalis

--Ogdoconta cinereola - Common Pinkband

Bagisara larvae

Eustrotiinae larvae

Baileya larvae

Panopoda larvae

Euclidiini larvae

Moonseed Moth larvae - sometimes green

Herald Moth larvae (looks like there are also some other species in this collection)

--Hypena larvae (many with 3 pairs of prolegs)

Pangraptinae larvae

Orthosia larvae

Lithophane larvae

Spargaloma sexpunctata larvae (host plant - Dogbane)

Isogona snowi larva (Southern Texas - host spiny hackberry)

Hypsoropha hormos larva (host - Persimmon)

Anomis larva (mostly southern US)

Oxycilla malaca larva (Southern Arizona, Texas)

Rivula larvae

Callopistria cordata larvae

Callopistria floridensis larvae

Leuconycta larvae

Condica larvae

Feralia larvae

Note for Geometer larvae

  • Geometer moths may be easiest to identify in the larval stage, thanks to their unusual appearance. The caterpillars bear just two or three pairs of prolegs near their hind ends, instead of the five pairs found in most butterfly or moth larvae.

Good photo of Geometrid legs

Lepidoptera Biodiversity

Micros through Tortricidae

Plusiinae caterpillars can be identified by their common body characteristics - all have reduced prolegs (typically only three pairs rather than the usual five, though one genera has four pairs) with a gap before the rear prolegs.

Abrostola tripartita larva - four pairs

Lepidoptera larvae on Brassica vegetables

Cutworm pests of crops on the Canadian Prairies : identification and management field guide. PDF available on this site. Also a very wide variety of other PDF guides.

Cutworm photos - Agrostis ipsilon plus others on additional link

--Featured Creatures - UF/IFAS

Insects of the World


Caterpillar Morphology

Rearing caterpillars

The Caterpillar Lab

BugGuide Contributor

Lepidoptera Superfamilies - Guide

Superfamily Gelechioidea - Twirler Moths and kin


Unidentified microlep larva

Wingless female moths

Caterpillar Identification

Lepidoptera eggs

Key to caterpillar ID

Pyralid and Crambids - Australian guide

Unidentified immature Coleoptera

Caterpillars - MPG

Owlet Caterpillars of Eastern North America - Excellent book
but out of print. Information about online access


Moths of Europe and East Africa

--Butterflies and Moths larvae - RG only

Noctuina larva - RG - USA

Leaf-roller larvae - ID hints

Casebearers - larva

Bucculatrix - pupa

Butterflies and Moths - pupa

Illustrated Guide to the Immature Lepidoptera on Oaks in Missouri (free PDF publication) plus many other publications.

Catocala larva - RG

Oak Leafroller Moths

Flower Moths

Bucculatrix - pupa

Bagworms, Clothes Moths and Allies - larva

Household Casebearer - larva

"Fern balls"

Octagonal Casemaker Moth - Homaledra octagonella

Commonly Observed Moth Eggs

Subfamily Cryptocephalinae - Case-bearing Leaf Beetles - unidentified immatures

Commonly Observed Bug Eggs

Arthropod Pathogenic Fungi

Insect Destroyers

Metarhizium (fungus)

Beauveria (fungus)

Things mistaken for eggs

Common Mummy Wasps - pupa

Free pdf download

  • aleiodes guide to parasitoids pdf


Meteorus pupae

Campopleginae pupae

Microgastrinae pupae

Euplectrus larvae

Hover Flies - larva


True Weevils - larvae

Aphid Mummy Wasps

Sawflies, Horntails and Wood Wasps

Euthyatira pudens - Dogwood Thyatirid (larva resembles sawfly larva)


Leafminers - Wisconsin


European Lepidoptera

Rare, Declining, and Poorly Known Butterflies and Moths (Lepidoptera) of Forests and Woodlands in the Eastern United States (available as download on this site)

Insecta Images

Stereomita andropogonis

Food Plant Database


iNaturalist Help

How to Use iNaturalist's Search URLS

Link multiple observations of same individual over time

Similar Observation Sets (under construction...)

Plusiine larva IDs

How to search leafminers on iNat by host species

Mochas - Pupae

(larva hanging from trees, threads, etc.)

HTML tags

List of added annotations

--Maverick IDs


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