Easter Island (Rapa Nui, Isla de Pascua) and Salas y Gómez Endemic Terrestrial Species.

Salas y Gómez Endemics (full list) (all marine endemics are shared with Easter Island):

Endemic genera:

  • Paschalococos (Arecaceae - palm tree) (monotypic) (extinct)

Not in iNat taxonomy:

Not in iNat taxonomy - Lichens:

  • Acarospora skottsbergii
  • Arthonia fuscescens
  • Arthonia ilicinodes
  • Buellia halophiloides var. pruinosula
  • Buellia paschalis
  • Buellia protothallina
  • Caloplaca lucens
  • Diploschistes scruposus var. argillosus
  • Lecidea paschalis
  • Lepraria latebrarum
  • Opegrapha paschalis
  • Physcia metrauxii
  • Pyxine enteroxantha f. subpruinosa
  • Rinodina perousii

Almost all of the island's native terrestrial arthropods are cave-dwelling species that were unaffected by the deforestation by the Rapa Nui that killed off nearly all terrestrial animals and native plants.

Unrelated to this list - Several species on the island are solely found on Easter Island + single Polynesian islands. These are likely introductions that arrived via Polynesian canoes. Styloniscus manuvaka [1, 2] (EI + Rapa I., PF), Asymphorodes trichogramma (EI + Nuku Hiva), Simodactylus delfini (EI + Henderson)

Taxon-specific links: Hawaiioscia rapui, Collembola, Grasses, Mosses, flowering plants, Easter Island Lichens,

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