Endemic taxa of Malpelo Island, Colombia.

Malpelo is a steep felsic volcanic island 380 km off the coast of northern Colombia. It is surrounded by cliffs, prone to erosion, and barren, with only 2 recorded vascular (a sparse grass and a fern).

Endemic genera:

  • Malpelina (monotypic)

Not in iNat taxonomy:

  • Platynus sp. (Carabidae beetle, undescribed)

Alpheus grahami and Synalpheus nobilii, snapping shrimp once thought to be endemic, have since been recorded in the Gulf of California and at the Rocas Alijos (Alijos rocks), respectively.

Taxon-specific links: Land snails, Johngarthia malpilensis, Endemic reef fishes, Synalpheus bannerorum [2], L. bimaculatus & A. rubinoffi, Chriolepis lepidota, Malpelo flora,


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